CHC Canada 150 Food Blog Challenge 2017

CHC invites food bloggers to participate in our Canada 150 Food Blog Challenge. We’ll be naming a topic for every month and publicizing entries throughout Canada’s sesquicentennial year. At the end of 2017, we’ll choose our favourite participating blogs and sponsor them for entry into Taste Canada’s blog category. Bloggers need not contribute every month to be considered.

We’re looking for blog posts of any length and in either French or English. The approach could be:

  • An experiment with a historic recipe
  • An essay on a topic relating to culinary history
  • A contemporary take on a traditional dish
  • A report on an event or visit to a historic site
  • A family story with a recipe that relates to the topic
  • A discussion about historic techniques for gathering, preserving or preparing food
  • …or any other similar topic

March 2017: TBA

February 2017: Doing Without

Image: A storekeeper puts out a rationing sign, Montreal, 1943. Library and Archives Canada—PA108300

Because the winter larder has traditionally been lean for so many Canadians, the February topic is about doing without food (or specific foods). Some possible angles:

  • Wartime rationing
  • The Irish Potato Famine
  • Privation in early settlements or remote areas
  • Clever food substitutes, like apple pie made with crackers and lemon juice
  • Fasting observances like Lent or Ramadan
  • Meatless, eggless, gluten-, sugar- or dairy-free dishes from the past

We’re looking for blog posts of any length, in either French or English, that relate to the topic. To enter, simply publish your entry within the month of February and post it on the CHC Facebook page before midnight on Tuesday, February 28.

Here, from an earlier date:

January 2017: Fish and Seafood

Image: Salmon fishing by Wenceslaus Hollar (1607–1677), Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Wenceslas Hollar Digital Collection, P2032.

Image: Salmon fishing by Wenceslaus Hollar (1607–1677), Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Wenceslas Hollar Digital Collection, P2032.

And, from an earlier date:

Participating Blogs

  1. Backyard Farms (Heather Kilner)
  2. Canadian Literary Fare (Nathalie Cooke, Alexia Moyer, and Shelley Boyd)
  3. Conifères et Feuillus
  4. Cooking with Jilly (Colleen Stewart Haynes)
  5. The Dip Diva Dishes (Selena Bruni-Aprile)
  6. Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen (Bernice Hill)
  7. Earth Food and Fire  (Markus Mueller)
  8. Eat Locally, Blog Globally (Sarah B. Hood – CHC board member, not eligible for prizes)
  9. Farm Girl City Chef  (Joanne Ochej)
  10. Heather’s Eats (Heather Mitchell)
  11. Just Another Day on the Farm (Valerie Johnstone)
  12. Maple and Marigold (Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma)
  13. Nutmeg Disrupted (Redawna Kalynchuk)
  14. The Primal Desire (Raj Charles)
  15. Schipano Fine Foods (Luciano Schipano)
  16. Signe’s Kitchen (Signe Langford)
  17. Smita Chandra (Smita Chandra)
  18. UrbnSpice: A Taste of Heart and Home (Denise Paré-Watson)



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