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    Sarah Hood

    Welcome! The Culinary Historians of Canada Forum is a place for people to share and advance knowledge of Canada’s food history. We welcome contributions from members and non-members. Some general guidelines:

    • While we encourage members and other forum users to talk about their projects, commercial promotion or endorsement that don’t further the CHC mandate will be removed.
    • If you have something to post and you’re not sure where it belongs, please don’t post it in more than one place. If the administrators or moderators think it would be a better fit somewhere else, it will be moved.
    • Please do not publish a recipe on these boards unless (a) it is in the public domain or (b) you developed it yourself. Canadian copyright lasts for 50 years after the author’s death. If you’re not certain whether the recipe is still under copyright, please don’t post it. If you wish to share a recipe that’s already posted online, simply post the link to that page.
    • Content considered to be inappropriate will be edited or removed, and the user will be warned.
    • If you have a problem or a complaint, please direct it to the administrators and moderators directly or via info@culinaryhistorians.ca.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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