On Canadian Cookbooks Online we will gradually post the cookbooks that tell us about the foods Canadians cooked, ate and shared in the past. Eventually we will offer cookbooks from all Canadian provinces, and anyone will be able to search each cookbook by keywords as well as download for use in the kitchen.

The Culinary Historians of Canada are reaching out to teachers and students, social historians, professional chefs, Canadians abroad and citizens generally, inviting all to celebrate our culinary heritage through the recipes and food lore found in Canadian cookbooks.

The CHC welcomes suggestions for Canadian cookbooks (preferably copyright-free) that if added to CCO will enhance an appreciation of Canadian cookery. Individuals and groups are encouraged to participate by financially sponsoring further scans of cookbooks for the project. The names of sponsors accompany each cookbook. We recommend sponsorships as holiday gifts!

Please note that the ingredients, methods and cooking times listed in the cookbooks digitized on this website are consistent with the kitchen appliances and techniques that were in use in the period of publication of the various books. Current equipment and supplies may produce different results that are inconsistent with contemporary food safety theories. The Culinary Historians of Canada disclaim any liability in connection with the use of this information, especially for preserving.

Link to Elizabeth Driver’s article: “Canadian cookbooks (1825-1949) in the heart of the home: essay on the history of Canadian cookbooks,” Petits Propos Culinaires 72 (2003).

Titles Chosen and Scanned to Date:

Culinary landmarks, or half-hours with Sault Ste. Marie housewives. 3rd ed. Sault Ste Marie: 1909. 208p. (Driver O84.1)
Digitization of the cookbook has been sponsored by Elizabeth Driver

Meals of the day: a guide to the young housekeeper, by Sarah Lovell. Montreal: Lovell, 1904. 186p. (Driver Q54.1)
Digitization of the cookbook has been sponsored by Mary Williamson


Jeanne Anctil, 350 recettes de cuisine des écoles menagères provincials. Montreal : 1924. 265p. (Driver Q73.3)
Digitization of the cookbook has been sponsored by Amy Scott

The Art of Sandwich Making: a collection of famous – and fashionable sandwiches. Canada Bread Co., ca. 1926. 24p. (Driver O576.1)
Digitization of the cookbook has been sponsored in honour of Kathleen Mackintosh, Toronto.

New cook book of tested recipes. Evangeline Chapter, IODE Halifax: 1934. 132p. (Driver NS43.1)
Digitization of the cookbook has been sponsored by Robert Kincaide

The New Brunswick Cook Book: treasured recipes collected and edited by Aida Boyer McAnn, M.A. with illustrations by Mrs. Edward Hart. Sackville, NB: Tribune Printing Company, 1938. 80p. (Driver NB47.1)
Digitization of the cookbook has been sponsored by Jim Anderson.

United Farmers of Canada, Saskatchewan Section Limited. Cook book. [Saskatoon]: 1940. 158p. (Driver S82.1)
Digitization of the cookbook has been sponsored by Keith McLeod

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