About the Culinary Historians of Canada

Mission Statement

The mission of the Culinary Historians of Canada is to inspire appreciation and advance knowledge of Canada’s food history.

The CHC researches, interprets, preserves and celebrates Canada’s culinary heritage, which has been shaped by the food traditions of the First Nations peoples and generations of immigrants from all parts of the world. Through programs, events and publications, CHC educates its members and the public about the foods and beverages of Canada’s past. Founded as the Culinary Historians of Ontario in 1994, CHC welcomes new members wherever they live.

Board of Directors

The members of the 2017-2018 board of directors are:

Executive Officers

  • President:  Luisa Giacometti (term ends 2018)
  • Vice-President: Samantha George (term ends 2018)
  • Secretary: Carolyn Crawford (term ends 2018)
  • Treasurer: Sylvia Lovegren (term ends 2019)

Standing Committee Chairs

  • Chair of the Membership Committee: position vacant
  • Chair of the Programme Committee: Sylvia Lovegren
  • Co-Chair of the Communications Committee/Electronic Resources: Julia Armstrong
  • Co-Chair of the Communications Committee/Publications: Sarah Hood

Other Board Positions

  • Chair of the Education Committee: Jane Black
  • Chair of the Outreach Committee: position vacant
  • Coordinator of Publicity: Samantha George
  • Coordinators of Refreshments: Duties are shared by Sherry Murphy, Lydia Robertson & Mya Sangster
  • Coordinator of Volunteers: position vacant

Culinary Historians of Canada Board 2016-2017 (l-r): Luisa Giacometti, Shirley Farrar, Julia Armstrong, Emily McKenzie, Fiona Lucas, Samantha George, Carolyn Crawford, Sylvia Lovegren, Sarah Hood. Absent: Jane Black, Sherry Murphy, Lydia Robertson, Mya Sangster. Photo by Mark D’Aguilar

, Sydney Oland

Constitution and By-Laws of the Culinary Historians of Ontario


Every year we hold a range of events, from lectures and workshops to historic meals, behind-the-scenes factory tours, and field trips that explore food history. (See Upcoming Events, Recent Events and Past Events.)


  • 1994: CHC was founded by Fiona Lucas, Christine Ritsma and Bridget Wranich, who directed the association’s growth for almost a decade. They attracted a membership that reflects a broad spectrum of skills and expertise in the field of culinary history.
  • 2003: On the eve of CHO’s 10th anniversary, members adopted a Constitution and elected its first Executive, for a two-year term.
  • 2010: The membership approved a change of name from the Culinary Historians of Ontario to the Culinary Historians of Canada.
CHC board members

The 2009–2011 Board members: Fiona Lucas, Janet Kronick, Maggie Newell, Bob Wildfong, Angie McKaig, Liz Driver, Amy Scott (Photograph courtesy of Angie McKaig)

Founders of the Culinary Historians of Canada (left to right): Christine Ritsma, Bridget Wranich and Fiona Lucas examine the two known copies of The Frugal Housewife’s Manual (Toronto: 1840), the first English-language cookbook compiled in Canada, at the U of T’s Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library in 2003.

 Founding executive 2003

First executive, 2003 (left to right): Eva MacDonald (Program), Melanie Garrison (Newsletter), Fiona Lucas (made Past President because a founding member), Maggie Newell (Secretary), Liz Driver (President), Bob Wildfong (Treasurer), Amy Scott (Vice President) and Elizabeth Nelson-Raffaele (Membership)

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